Therapy can take as many forms. If you have been to a therapist before you have at least one perspective in which to understand how counseling works. However, many variables combine to create a wide range of therapeutic experiences and outcomes. Individual therapist’s personalities, various theoretical modalities and perspectives, therapist’s skills and the disposition of you the client all contribute heavily to the experience of therapy.  For this reason it is important to choose a mental health professional that will give you the best chance to achieve your goals.
I recommend that you attempt to understand who you are working with and how they work before committing your self to the process of aligning with a therapist.  In fact the alliance that is built between therapist and client can make all the difference. Following a recommendation of someone who has worked with a potential therapist is certainly a good start. Still, I suggest you to feel free to try on a couple options if the first one doesn’t intuitively feel like a fit. It is for this reason, I offer a 20 minute no cost, no paperwork consultation for those who want it. Even still the majority of my clients are following a referral they trust, or a resonance with something I have written. This is fine too.
My private practice empowers individuals and couples to significantly improve their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. I foster client authenticity, self-love and self-esteem within individuals and guide couples through conversations that create close connections and secure bonds. My active, interpersonal approach to counseling draw from the wisdom of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Attachment theory, mindfulness, acceptance and tolerance, somatic experiencing, guided imagery, and the mind-body connection of neuroscience.
At the core of this approach is reliance on scientifically validated EFT which has in recent decades become the gold standard for working with relationship distress, especially in couples. EFT is designed to map out the unique patterns of interaction between you and your partner. Together we focus on what gets in the way of deeper connection, understanding, and passion between you and your partner. We also draw on strengths and create experiences of connection during our sessions that can be duplicated on your own.
Couples consistently express feeling heard, understood, validated and more connected. Many successfully transform persistent relational problems into secure bonds through a deep emotional understanding of each partner’s inner experience.



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